Instant Film for Worldwide Pinhole Day

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Its Worldwide Pinhole Day for 2016 and I took some instant film pinhole photos with my home made pinhole camera. Click on the link to see all of them at 52 Rolls, where they are my “Roll” 15 for this year.

52 rolls

f327, 45 seconds 0.5EV f327, 45 seconds, 0.5 EV

Worldwide Pinhole Day has come around again and I am posting some more instant film pinholes, as I did last year. These are totally out of sequence for 2016 as I have about 7 rolls of unscanned film in the queue. Since they were shot today, and today is the day, then posting today it is. Does that make sense?

These are made with a pinhole camera that I made by adapting a microscope attachment that has a Polaroid Land 100 back with an f327 pinhole. The camera uses the Fujifilm FP-100C film, which sadly was recently discontinued. If you are interested in the camera, check out my post Making a Polaroid Pinhole Camera.

Getting good exposures is still a challenge for me with the darker scenes. I find with this camera that in brighter scenes if I meter for the highlights then I don’t…

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