Reprise 3


This is one of my early blog photos, first posted in October 2011.

This continues a series where bring forward a photo or two from earlier posts that have rarely been seen by most of my viewers.

This was in a post unimaginatively titled Painted Stair Edges.


Canon 5Dii, (and probably 50/1.4 lens)



16 thoughts on “Reprise 3

    • Thanks Andy – it is an odd bit of architecture and I find these stairs a bit disorienting to walk on, down especially. I don’t feel all that safe doing so, which might be the point in the stairs, or the vibrant lines. They make for a good photo though.


    • They predate everyone finding my blog, except some family and 2 other random bloggers. I am surprised at some of the photos I took before I even knew how to use the 5Dii, some stand up well to the more critical eye I have since developed.


      • It makes me lucky. And it was a digital camera with many gb of space on the card. Though it was a while before I transitioned from old film habits from a decade earlier (I had stopped taking pictures for a while) to that intermediate stage of blazing away. Thankfully that intermediate stage passed as well, especially now that I am back to mostly shooting film.


      • I guess it’s hard to support a blazing-away habit when you shoot film, isn’t it?

        The main question I get asked about my photography is “Is it digital?” I think that might the only thing people know to say about photography!

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      • Or it might be that they associate such high quality images with “real” or “serious photography.

        Or they might not be sure if you can make a black and white image from a digital camera.


      • Sometimes I think they really want to know the difference, but then Cynical Melinda shows back up, and I think that is absolutely the only thing they can think of to say. But at least I don’t get much “these are good – you must have a really nice camera.”!

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      • Cynical Melinda? Who’s that? Try shooting with a small point and shoot film camera in a serious situation and see what response you get. Even from other photographers wielding fancy digital cameras ti can be disbelief and a boatload of disrespect. But what do they know?


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