Testing a Pentax Espio 120SW

My efforts to catch up at 52 Rolls continue, though this time with just one roll. I have posted nearly all 14 shots in this post about 6 months ago, but maybe you missed some or all of them. If that is possible, then click through on the link to find the gallery from these very small little film camera.

52 rolls


Around the time I interrupted my posting regime here at 52 Rolls I found this sweet little camera and ran a roll of Agfa Vista 200 through. It is a little (and I mean little) point and shoot Pentax – the Espio 120SW. I knew of this camera from the excellent Film Advance blog where it is listed as one of Gary’s favourite cameras. Head over to that post for a detailed technical review, no need for me to repeat things here. If you are not familiar with the blog, then have a good browse – you won’t be disappointed. Gary lives in the same town as me and we went out to shoot one day and it was his pocket camera so I had a close look at it then. When I saw one in the thrift store for $9 I had a pretty good idea what I was…

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