Illusory Windows

I took my camera to work on Tuesday in order to take pictures at lunchtime – the first time I have ever done that since working in an office. It was a fabulous fall day: blue sky, strong yellowish sunlight, warm and a slower pace.

I really like this view of the back wall of the Odeon Theatre, a movie house which fronts on Yates Street and backs onto Johnson Street, on the fringes of downtown Victoria. The new colour of the building is striking, and at first glance the reflections from the office across the street look as if windows have been set into this otherwise rather bleak facade.

This part of town has been transformed in the past few years with the removal of older, small or moderate sized buildings (mostly of indifferent design). They have been replaced with larger glass-coated and sometimes interesting structures. When I worked in an office on this corner 10 years ago, there were no reflections like this as there was no glass high enough to do the job. And so the Odeon, unchanged for decades, nevertheless has acquired a facelift via the changing environment.


3 thoughts on “Illusory Windows

  1. simply love the first photo…a lot many things about it actually !
    the colors (pleasing blue and yellow, the two shades of white, the deep blue of the road and the yellow line again)
    the shapes of the lines (linear and sharp) , the shape of the light globes
    and finally the two most important things (to me) , the shadows/reflections (of a nearby building) is just amazing and the addition of a person that just places the sense of scale it needs.

    the only thing , i would personally change is to crop the top white portion but I can probably understand why u kept it (and possibly tried with and without versions)


    • Hi Abu – thanks so much for your thoughtful comments. This is one of my favourite images that I have taken so far for the blog. I have (or had) a bunch of versions of this image and what made this the hands down best of the bunch was the person. I think it is more than just scale as well, perhaps its influence on the movement of the eye across the picture. The person also makes the light standard more interesting for some reason. I see what you mean bout the white portion at the top. I wanted the yellow letters in the picture, and I think I ended up cropping it above the chimney because of some sense of providing an ending, not just a top if you see what I mean. But, that is hard to analyse because I did not think carefully about it, I just fooled with it till it seemed right. Probably would have worked better with a pale blue sky, and if I knew anything about manipulating images I might have tried to change the colour to see how that works. Once I get the picture taking a bit more under control, I will probably try photoshop to see what fun I can have.


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