Cat Usurped

On Monday I illustrated how the Cat takes over the prime real estate in the house for Her own warmth and comfort. What She hates to admit out loud is that She plays second cat to the dolls. Dolls are nearly ubiquitous around here and also like the best spots for sitting and napping (they are very good at sleeping with their eyes open). They jostle for supremacy with the cat any time and, really, all the time. The small ones, while at risk of being sat upon, (or worse, slept upon) manage to make themselve so uncomfortable that they are unlikely to be smothered. As to the large dolls – well you can see that they have practiced the pretense of ignorning the Cat. How galling that must be.

The dolls in these pictures are three Izannah Walker style dolls that my wife made through an on-line workshop. They are made with cloth bodies and a sculpted head on top of a cloth form. My wife also made all the wonderful clothes. The small doll is a Hitty that she carved while visiting in Michigan, so Hitty Tansy (for that is her name) considers herself American. She has a lot of sisters in this house, including three Argentinian ones.  As you can see, Tansy keeps a sharp eye on the Cat, who has backed down under Tansy’s steady stare and prudently decided to share the most comfortable chair. The dolls have very kindly allowed Her to have the side nearest the woodstove.


4 thoughts on “Cat Usurped

    • It depends on which of Them you ask, it really is mutual warming, but They hate to admit it.

      By the way, She insisted I edit your post to insert an ‘S’ (upper case, of course) in front of the he. I think I heard a touch of a growl Growl in the request, just so you know. Darn, now I got chastised for not upper casing Growl. Who knew? Sheesh, cats, I mean Cats.


  1. Hmmm. So your wife has abducted a Michigan resident and is holding her captive in our beloved neighbor, Canada? I’ll refrain from contacting Customs, but your wife should consider her safe return to her homeland. Michigan is one of the only states to lose population in the past ten years. Each loss is another slight on our beautiful state even when it’s small and whittled.


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