Moss Moon

A while back I made a macro post about a heavy frost that had covered moss with ice. This image is from that same time. It has such interesting bokeh that it’s worth presenting all on its own, but it only really works in black and white. I think the out of focus background was thin sticks of willow or alder, before the leaves came out, and with shiny bark.

It is like some celestial object, at first glance, a forested moon maybe.


 Canon EOS 5D MkII with SMC Takumar 100mm f4.0 macro lens




15 thoughts on “Moss Moon

    • Hi Denzil – thanks so much for your comment. Sorry, but “Mario Galaxy” might as well be Greek to me. Except, that is what Google is for, so I just went and had a look. I see what you mean, though colour is needed. Glad you like it.


  1. This is absolutely a great shot. I admire your ability to see this and capture it so well. I like the ethereal quality in the background.


    • Thank a lot Ken. It is not totally what I saw or was seeking to capture, but I did find this in there. It took quite a lot of post to get that aurora to stand out in the background. I had been trying for a halo effect, without realising I would get a streaky one (which is so much better).


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