Haida Gwaii in Green

A dominant theme in Haida Gwaii is Green. Green seems to come in all shades, including yellows, especially when lit with morning and evening sun. Here is a selection of some of the greens I met in Haida Gwaii on my trip in June.

Rose Harbour moss and grass at sunset


Kilgii Gwaay site reflections

To see larger views click on any of the thumbnails below and then use the arrow keys to navigate and the escape key to return to this page.

This link catalogues my posts about volunteering on the Kilgii Gwaay archaeological site project.

Tansy, one of the Quimper Hittys came along and has blogged about the trip from a doll’s view and you can find those posts here.

Canon 5Dii with Canon 50/1.4 Nikkor-N 24/2.8, SMC Takumar 100/4 Macro, SMC Takumar 200/4 (EXIF data in gallery correct for 50mm lens, but not for other adapted manual lenses).


7 thoughts on “Haida Gwaii in Green

  1. Such richness of color. With all these beautiful sites, activities, and sea urchins (to eat), I can see why you’d work so hard at “vacation.” Great shots. The reflections at the site images are truly stunning.


    • It is a vacation when compared to a life of databases, spreadsheets and reports in a constrained little cubicle. Even including hauling dozens and dozens of 60lb buckets of dirt, two at a time, up a slippery beach. Because every now and then one looks up from the work, and sees this kind of thing.


    • Thanks Toad. I like that one and the first one best – they give a good feeling of the place. And in some ways the colours area a good soft foil for yesterday’s orange extravaganza.


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