Hedge Edge

Another in my series arising from a rainy walk on which I decided to make photographs that contained yellow subjects found within about 10 feet of the street edge.

This is the corner of Crescent and Foul Bay Roads, and is the location for the Rasta Curb post of a few days ago. What attracted my attention here was the yellow leaves and reflected light off the curving top of the hedge and how it formed its own line, along side the street markings. Thus, I have processed this to emphasize this bit of what I looked at. If you click on the image you will get to a larger version.



Canon 5Dii, Canon 100mm f2.8 macro lens, ISO400, f 2.8, 1/320th, +1 EV and -1 EV.

9 thoughts on “Hedge Edge

    • Thanks Melinda. The top of that hedge has been catching my eye from the car, and the bus, for quite some time. I was glad to find a way of photographing it that reflects what I see, even if I had to work the ‘negative’ pretty hard to get there.


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    • Thank you Andy. It took some cropping to get it how I wanted as I did not want to stand in the traffic to frame it right, and anyway I am not sure I had as clear an idea as I should have when pressing the shutter.


    • Thank you Ken. I was wondering if it was too dark (and in its larger version it seems less so), though to really show that curving yellow bit of the hedge this seemed to be the way to get there.


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