Drain Gull

Another Ross Bay storm drain picture, this one taken the same day as my pictures of salmon and Goldstream River that have been showing for the past week. I am very pleased with this photo and the way the water and sky surface of the drain merge together with the barest hints of their borders. And I am pleased with the gull, a model at posing.

I was all set up to take this shot, and had just shot two sets of brackets when this gull flew into the picture and stood around long enough for another set of brackets, then it moved to  this location which has better composition and stood there long enough for another set, and then it walked to the edge and swam off. Now, standing around long enough was pretty surprising since it did not move its feet, and barely moved its body, though its head did move between several positions – but paused at this one long enough each time that it shows clearly. Since this merged from three long exposures at 10, 20 and 30 seconds, that gull was standing still for well over a minute. I think it was hopeful I would throw some food. Anyway, I think it makes the picture, in a similar way as the boys did in Drain Boys a couple of weeks ago.



Canon 5Dii, Canon 50/1.4 lens, ISO100, f-22, brackets at 10, 20 and 30 seconds, Cameron Fader neutral density filter at about 7 stops of density.



21 thoughts on “Drain Gull

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  3. Absolutely EPIC, Ehpem! One of my favorite shots of yours from all time! I love the high-key feel to it, it gives it a totally ethereal sense. That gull is quite the character, my friend! You can almost read it’s mind from here, with it’s body language and general stare. Love this, my friend!


    • Thanks Toad. I am very happy with this shot, and the gull for helping out. I think he was hoping for a nice snack, even with water washing over its feet from time to time.


    • Thanks Katherine! I am not sure I consider these landscapes, I certainly don’t think of myself as a landscape photographer. I have them categorised as architecture because of the built drain, and I don’t even have a landscape category. But perhaps you are right. I have not thought too much about what is landscape photography, which probably shows from the rest of what I just said.


  4. You aren’t fooling me. That’s one of those wooden statutes you can buy at airport gift shops. Either that or it’s one well behaved gull. You should bring some reward for her (him?) next time. Great shot!!!


    • Thanks Ken!
      It was just like a wooden statue, with a mobile head rotating in the breeze. Maybe I should bring something – to encourage gulls to place themselves strategically. Boys too – could it be the same substance? Granola bars, wrapped against the damp and a challenge to open with beaks and cold fingers.
      Just after this a poodle ran out onto the drain, but I did not get a good shot. Which is OK as I am a cat guy. And I know I will never ever see a cat out here, especially when the tide is high.


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