Beach Stairs III

Park steps 5

Here I continue my series of black and white photos of the spiral staircase at Beacon Hill Park.

I really am taking my time about getting up these stairs, but we will eventually see what is on top.

Park steps 6


Park steps 7


Canon EOS 5Dmkii, Canon 50/1.4 lens (top and bottom) and Nikkor-N pre-AI 24mm/f2.8 lens (middle), ISO100, each image tonemapped from three exposures taken at +/- 2 E.V.



6 thoughts on “Beach Stairs III

    • Thanks Toad. It was a subject that was very well suited to HDR – the tower was really very bright in the morning sun, and yet the shadows were quite deep. I like the detail that its possible to extract, without pushing things too hard on the credibility front.


    • David, there is some chance that it is a military bunker. Intermittently there have been gun and search light emplacements all along this shore starting about 100 years ago. I can find no data that suggests it was one of these, but the way it is built suggests it might have been.
      Those dogs were a bit like a stream pouring across the stairs, though mostly heading up. So many dog walkers…


  1. This is a great looking structure that someone took good care to have it blend in with the surroundings. It looks like it could use some maintenance, though. It’ll probably be around for a hundred years.


    • Hi Ken – it could do with a bit of maintenance, though most of the dark stuff on the paint is algae which is hard to keep back in the shaded areas. It is constantly getting paint over graffiti, but that is not really maintenance. It might not be around in a hundred years. The ocean is eating away at the foundations and there are cracks showing on the stairs higher up. Sea level is rising around here (mostly the land is sinking from tectonic changes, but there is a global sea level rise too) and this process is bound to be accelerated. So, with bank erosion and so on, in a hundred years this could be a few large chunks of concrete on the beach, isolated from a retreating bank.


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