Top of the Stairs

Shrubby fork

Back briefly to Beacon Hill Park. This fork in the path is a short distance from the top of the stairs that I did a small series on earlier this week.

I have always liked the colours in winter stems. This patch looks like it must have lots of red osier dogwood in the mix.


Canon EOS 5Dmkii, Canon 50/1.4 lens and Nikkor-N pre-AI 24mm/f2.8 lens, ISO100, tonemapped from three exposures taken at +/- 2 E.V.




6 thoughts on “Top of the Stairs

    • Thanks Lynn. I was rather hoping for that kind of effect. The grass is emerald green and really detracted from the shot and what I wanted to convey, so it had to go!


  1. Thank you Ken. I have been having fun in LR figuring out the different ways of doing this. In this case I just pulled down most of the colours. It left hints of the red and orange in other places and some of those I eliminated or subdued with a mask. It was a lot faster than masking most of the image. If I had photoshop I guess I could do the same more quickly with layers, but having not used it am not sure about that.


  2. Excellent use of selective color. I like this technique because it draws attention to what the photographer is interested in the scene and the rest of the photo, the B&W part, supports it. It works well in this case especially.


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