Shingled House

Shingled House Penzance

Another small house opposite the  Chinese Cemetery on Penzance Road. The photo was taken at the same time as my last two posts – yet another from my archive as I get over this bug.

Cedar shingle clad houses are very common in this area, especially for this vintage of house which I would guess pushing 100 years old now. I very much like the look, though I prefer them unpainted and weathered to grey and ochre. This house has obviously seen a bit of recent change with skylights and those upper doors and deck. The lower doors might be older, for a garage though it is unlikely to be used as one any more. The lots on this part of Penzance are very small, way below the minimum allowed now, so the small houses might not be wholesale replaced since they are probably closer to the property line than now allowable and cover a greater proportion of the lot too. You can see some of the other of these small houses in my old post Sunset Windows taken a month or two before I took today’s photography. The house next door to the left is very tall, interrupts a number of expensive views and is out of keeping with the neighbourhood in other ways. When built about 20 years ago it caused protests which resulted in a new formula restricting height of buildings on lots – one that is tied to the width of the lot. So no more of those will be built along this street.



Canon EOS 5D Mkii, Canon 5omm/f1.4 lens, polarizing filter, ISO 200, f2.2, 1/800th

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