Abstract Overturned

Plastic boat colour

On New Year’s Day I visited the bedrock beach in front of house we lived in 20 years ago (see this post). This boat was next to the trail near the beach edge – I liked the patterns of the shadows on top of the ridged surface of the overturned boat.

These little plastic tenders were very common 20 or 30 years ago, often seen towed behind a sailboat or on the deck of another larger vessel out cruising. They were used for accessing the shore while at anchor.

Plastic boat colour


Canon EOS 5Dmkii, Nikkor-N pre-AI 24mm/f2.8 lens, ISO100.



8 thoughts on “Abstract Overturned

  1. Terrific shadows at work here, adding a ton of drama, Ehpem! I think we need to keep an eye on Melinda; she’s posted a color shot on her blog recently and seems to be gravitating towards colors shots here on your blog… is this the real Melinda?? LOL 🙂


    • Thanks Toad. This shot was all about the shadows so its good they work out. I think what might be going on is that it rained in Texas for a day or so after a few years without. That is enough to shift anyone’s world view a bit sideways.


  2. This is really a great photo. I prefer the color version only because it’s a color I like a lot and it would look nice in my living room. The B&W version seems to have more detail but that’s probably because it has more contrast and clarity. Nice work!


    • Hi Ken – thank you. The B&W version is actually an HDR version from three brackets which might explain the differences. Why did I do HDR of a subject like this? I have not idea. Camera was set on bracketing, and I processed it anyway when I was going through the images from that day.


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