Johnson and Cook XIV

Johnson and Cook long curb 3

Nearing the end of my series from the corner of Johnson and Cook Streets here in Victoria, with a splash of yellow.

The picture below is a crop of one that showed up a week ago with the distant building showing – this crop was suggested  in the comments, quite rightly. It goes will with the ones beneath it too, in fact the one under it has the same building in it, and a similar crop.


Johnson and Cook long curb 2


Johnson and Cook long curb 4


I am preparing this in anticipation of computer parts I ordered having arrived for an upgrade that will allow me to continue with timelapse photography, and pretty much all other uses of the aging computer when it comes to it. Thus, I might be a bit slow replying to any comments and so on for a few days.


Canon EOS 5Dii, Nikkor-N 24/f2.8mm lens, ISO640,   +/- 1.3 E.V.




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