Harvest Brodiaea

IMG_1556 edited

Today’s post features the Harvest Brodiaea (Brodiaea coronaria), a member of the lily family that is quite common in the Victoria area on rocky outcrops. These are out at the moment in the Chinese Cemetery on Harling Point, right along the upper edge of the beach. They are very small, with the flowers emerging after the leaves have withered. They get pretty badly trampled as this is a high traffic zone, but seem to be surviving.

At one time the bulbs of these plants were an important part of the diet of First Nations in this area.

IMG_1558 edited


IMG_1592-Edit edited


IMG_1574 edited


IMG_1581 edited


IMG_1556 edited-2

Canon 5dii, Canon 100mm/f2.8 macro lens, ISO100, hand-held, various exposures



13 thoughts on “Harvest Brodiaea

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  2. Its the same intense blue we have seen in gentians in the French Alps – gentian blue I think its called. I would lime to concoct a pottery glaze that looked like that.


    • Thanks David! Dirty, and in this case odiferous as well. I had to change and shower after this shoot. Crawling around in Canada Goose droppings on Canada Day just for a shot – what could be more appropriate?


  3. We have a similar flower here in Western NY, not sure if it’s exactly the same variety. They are pretty and very small. That last macro shot is amazing for hand held camera work. There can’t be the slightest bit of breeze to get this level of detail.


    • Thanks Ken. It is very small. And there was an intermittent breeze – I just had to wait. I was lying flat on the ground, (among a lot of goose droppings) and had the camera body on the ground and the end of the lens on the knuckles of my other hand. A pretty stable platform all in all – especially taking my body out of the motion calculation.


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