Hull Ripples


Back to the Classic Boat Festival of last summer with reflected ripples on a hull.

Canon EOS 5Dmkii, SMC Takumar 35mm/f3.5 lens, ISO100



8 thoughts on “Hull Ripples

    • Thanks David. I had set that one aside because it did not shimmer with light the way the others from that day did. But it kept on pointing out to me that different was good, and finally I paid some attention and posted it.


    • Thanks Andy! Projected reflections of water are one of my favourite things. I grew up in a house where the ocean reflected on the living room ceiling in the right conditions and I think that might have been influential.


    • Hi Julia – welcome to my blog and thanks for commenting. FYI, I changed my name to the one I use for blogging, since it is a name-free place around here. I hope to see you around some more.


    • Thanks Ken. The greyness of it, the lack of bright light, had put me off this shot for a while. It was in quite deep shade at this location, down beside the dock. I think I like the ones I posted earlier of the really white hull with a red arrow in it better than this, but this one is more abstract and mysterious.


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