Half Frame People

PenTestFirst2400 16-8bit 6-4

Another few images from the first roll through the Olympus Pen half frame camera. These pictures are of people, indoors (all but one). This was my attempt at estimating light indoors without a meter, and trying to get the focus right for closer subjects, and seeing how people come through generally since I am not much of a portrait photographer.

There were a few duds, but I learned quite a bit too. I like the first shot of my grand daughter the best, but mostly because of her cheerful face. It is not great focus, and a few other technical things, like being under-exposed and needing quite a bit of work. I also like the top picture of a couple of fellas in the Ross Bay Pub which has quite a lot of personality.

 PenTestFirst3200 16-8bit 16 Delta-2


PenTestFirst2400 16-8bit 6-2


PenTestFirst3200 16-8bit 14 Tmax-2


Olympus Pen, Half Frame, 28mm lens, Fujifilm Neopan Acros, ISO100, Epson V700 Scanner

17 thoughts on “Half Frame People

    • Thanks Andy. I have the second roll of film winding slowly through the camera now that the test roll proved it will take pictures. I think it will take a week or two to get to the scanning negatives stage.


  1. Of course the baby shots are always cute but my favorite is the street musician. It’s a good shot no mater what the camera. The fact the musician is standing in front of a hemp clothing shop makes it more interesting.


    • Hi Ken – thank you – interesting to find that is your favourite. I cropped that shot a bit – taking the top off because I wanted more emphasis on the musician. I left the triangle at the bottom because Iiked it, but on revisiting the shot, I might have cropped the bottom off a bit more. I have to think about that.
      I like the first one for its posed stiffness – two guys interrupted over their beer, self conscious but cheerful.


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