Horizon(tal) Fliptych


Anyone that has been hanging around this blog for the past few months will be familiar with my Horizon(tal) series. These images combine my experiments with the Fliptych concept and the simplicity of our winter horizons.

All are scanned from two of three separate half-frames shot with the Olympus Pen (that is each pair shares at least one frame). The frames are adjacent and in a later post I will show the triptych versions. I am really pleased with these simple abstractions. The bottom versions are toned in a manner I have done elsewhere in the horizon(tal) series, and rotated to abstract them even further. I like how the brighter strip of clouds along the horizon is roughly the same width as the black band between frames.







Fliptych I have defined here and others can be found here. My horizon(tal) series can be found here. This is also another in the larger category of half-frame photos, and rests there among the diptychs.


Olympus Pen, half-frame camera, Efke KB50, ISO50, 1/50th, ~f4.



4 thoughts on “Horizon(tal) Fliptych

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  3. Thank you Angelina. Another reader has made the same comment about some of my DSLR horizon shots. I did once go to a Rothko exhibit in London in the 1970’s, and those extremely larger paintings have stuck in my head pretty thoroughly ever since, but I am not familiar with his prints and will have to go and do some research. Thanks again!!


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