Land, Sea, Sky Triptych


A blustery day on Clover Point looking towards the west. The seagull appeared at the perfect time – in fact I would argue that it makes this shot. I changed the exposures between each frame and think that I used a yellow (K3) filter on the upper two shots as well which might be why they are a bit less sharp – I am still working out what the issue is with that filter (probably how I am using it). I also need to work a bit more on the overlap between frames.

I have done a bit of experimenting with the overlaps. From some frames I took of my french doors, I find that when I shoot within the borders defined in the rangefinder I get another 11% of view on each side on the negative. I can see that extra, and then some, because the viewfinder projects lines onto a broader scene. So, I just have to frame from outside the lines.  And to learn where those new invisible lines are for when I don’t want overlap between frames. However, I am considering attaching a grid to the viewfinder somehow that would give me more control over keeping things aligned in all directions.

Again, this is more from my series of half-frame photos from the Olympus Pen, and another multitych. Click on the image for a larger view, bigger is better in this instance.


Olympus Pen, half-frame camera, Efke KB50, ISO50, 1/50th, ~f4 (bottom) and ~f8.


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