Fliptych Reflections


This in-camera diptych is of Thetis Lake from the bathing beach at the south end. The camera was flipped between shots, meaning that the headlands and their reflects are reversed, and the beach debris is both top and bottom.  Kind of like a double reflection. Click on the image for a bigger version.

I’m off doing some research in the field  for a few days with uncertain access to the internet. If I am slow getting back to any comments you might choose to grace my blog with, it is only because I am not around and I promise I will respond to all of them. So, please comment in my absence, I like comments.


Olympus Pen, Half Frame, 28mm lens, Efke KB 50, ISO50.


4 thoughts on “Fliptych Reflections

    • Thank you Raul – that is a very nice interpretation! I was tempted to post this one with a 90 degree rotation as it has some face-like areas in the reflections, which might have worked well too.


    • Thank you Melinda. I like it too, and that it takes some looking to see it is flipped. I had to look quite closely just to be sure that is what it is when setting up the scan.


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