Red and Green


Anyone tired of this red cabin wall yet? I’m not, quite. As some of you will remember, it is in Port Renfrew where I spent a pleasant weekend in early February.

Previous views of this wall can be seen here, and here. For me the decorative row (column?) of cobbles makes the shot work. Followed quite closely by the roof rafter ends down the left join.

These are fliptychs which are made with my half-frame camera by rotating it 180 degrees between shots, with the intention of scanning multiple frames as a single image. Sometimes I only use two of them, sometimes three. I often shoot three so that I have opposite edges of the subject joining.



Olympus Pen, Half Frame, 28mm lens, Fujicolor Superia 200, ISO200, NDX4 filter.



3 thoughts on “Red and Green

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    • Hi Andy – thanks for noticing that – this is one of the shots where I really tried to obscure the join – the left pair is anyway. I like the effect when it works like this. The black stripe at the bottom of the wall complements the black stripe between the second and third frames too though I can’t say I anticipated that. A happy mistake to try and learn from.


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