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During my first visit to Quadra Island of this year, I dropped by the extraordinary dwelling of local artist Paul Bishop. One could spend hours with a camera here. For instance, this installation of typewriters is in the centre of the driveway where it loops in front of the house. There are many other interesting things around his place, but I felt a bit self conscious blazing away. He said I could post these pictures, for which I am grateful.

As soon as I saw these typewriters, I was reminded of the  barbie doll exhibition in Fairfield, Victoria that I posted about (here) a couple of years ago. That post still gets views, partly because it is barbies, and partly because it is interesting, eccentric (in the literal meaning of the word) and thought provoking too. Paul’s typewriters are all of these things and would likely rest very comfortably under the barbie tree.

I hope you enjoy them as much as I do. I had poor light to photograph them so I had to push the processing a bit, but you will get the idea I think.



To open the gallery, click on any thumbnail below, navigated with the arrows and escape to return to this page.


Canon 5Dii, Nikkor-N Auto 24/2.8 lens, ISO400, f2.8, most about 1/200th, one is HDR processed, the rest in LR5.




12 thoughts on “Remington Standard Posted

    • Hi Toad – somehow I missed this comment of yours in May – I am so sorry. I thought I had responded but now that I am back at this post due to your kind mention of it in Lightstalking I find that I did not respond. So, a much belated thank you for your kind comment. It is a great installation and was very fun to photograph, though I was a bit rushed. I hope to be back there later in the summer and perhaps I can get more out of this spot. Thanks again for this comment and including the post in your lightstalking article, which is at for anyone that is interested.


  1. Hi Mr E. Does the barbie tree look any different after two years exposed to the elements? The outdoors have worked a bit of magic on these typewriters (I wonder how long they have been out?), so was curious to know about the barbie-tree.


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  3. Goodness. These are odd. And oddly compelling. (Also – even though for some reason I never “liked” the Barbie post, I remember it. I’m headed over there now to look at it again, and it “like” it.)


    • Thanks Melinda. The Barbie post was fun. The day I posted the barbies still stands as by far my single biggest day of views thanks to a compelling and bizarre gallery with loads of photos (and each view in a gallery counting as if it were a new view, if you know what I mean).


    • Hi Ben – I do too. I was visiting on other business and it was not possible to get into a discussion. However, we will be getting together to look at some of his other work, including some heavily distressed and layered photos that on first glimpse are extremely powerful. I won’t be up there again till the end of July, so it will have to wait. I’ll report back!


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