Bus Stop Shadows II


Another photograph from the bus stop, which frequently has a little bicycle locked up nearby, and sometimes a road bike as well.

I cropped and treated this shot for display on Instagram, which is the one below.

I actually prefer the original version – the framing is less congested and leads somewhere, even if just off-frame.

Even so, the blue/yellow treatment is attractive.




I am off for a stint of field research – weeks and weeks with only one short stint back in town! This means fun and excitement and sweat.

It also means the blog will slow to a crawl as I won’t have time for it.

There may be gaps in posting (though I was hoping to get to three years of daily posts this September, so might rise to the occasion).

There maybe a lot of not great shots posted straight from my phone.

I don’t know yet if I can blog about the fieldwork, but if I can, probably will.

There will be answers to comments, but they might be slow in coming. Please comment anyway if you feel moved to it.


Olympus XA, f2.8/35mm lens, Fuji Neopan Acros 100 ISO, f22, ~1/15th.


7 thoughts on “Bus Stop Shadows II

  1. Hope you wont hesitate to include pics of the field work for its own interest, not just as examples of striking photography. Your blog shows one mans world as seen through his eyes and thats as interesting to me as the more abstract compositions, though both come together a lot of the time.


    • Hi Val. The blog is subtitled my surroundings, so I do try to keep that singular world view going. If photos show up from the field, it is unlikely to be for a week or more as we need to get established, and get something to actually speak about in the blog. With luck, there will be something to say. Though I admit that just poking about in boats and on the land can be kind of interesting. Besides which I have a week of posts scheduled already.


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