Time’s Measure


This child was getting her face done at the Moss Street Market a few weeks ago, under the close scrutiny of a boy that she does not know.

He was just watching; from the looks of it an artist in the making.

I have known this girl since she was born, and I can’t believe how grown up she seems now.

Children are time’s surest measuring stick – the one by which we note our own years passing.

 I shot this with the Olympus XA, but only recently finished scanning the negatives which had been interrupted by my time in the field.

It works better in black and white, so that is the version I am showing you.



Olympus XA, f2.8/35mm lens, Fuji Superia 200 film, scanned with Epson V700

4 thoughts on “Time’s Measure

    • Hi heather – thanks for dropping by and commenting. I found it interesting to look around your blog that is centred in the area I grew up. The header shot is my granddaughter – she keeps a close eye on my blog.


  1. This picture is a potential prizewinner surely, the expressions on their faces are so interesting you cant tear your eyes away. Eat your heart out Cartier Bresson!


    • Well Val, that is a bit over the top! But I love the compliment and I too like this photo. The picture was of course of the girl who I had run into at the market. However the boy stole the shot and made it his own.


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