Words Not Necessary

2014-XA-003-13This photo speaks for itself.

But really, words are necessary – speaking up about homelessness and poverty is the only way things can improve.



Olympus XA, f2.8/35mm lens, Fuji Superia 200 film, scanned with Epson V700


9 thoughts on “Words Not Necessary

  1. I hope you are right but sadly, from down here, it looks like it must get a lot worse before changes are implemented and by then it might be too late. I believe you are in Victoria, correct? Love the area, lived in Seattle for many years, so you may not hear how bad the climate deniers are around the country, even in our government. It as if science is voodoo and climate change is all a political stunt by liberals to garner more votes. Seattle is very, very progressive compared to the rest of the country, especially the southern states. I truly hope you’re right but sometimes I have not optimism left for this country.

    By the way, LOVE all your photos 🙂 I rarely comment but I do follow and love your pics. I run a weekly writing prompt called Sunday Picture Press where I use interesting photos as a prompt for other writers. I hope you don’t mind if I use some of yours in future. Full credit given to you, of course.


    • I am in Victoria, and here in Canada (and provincially right at the moment) we have a government that treats science as voodoo – to the extent they have gutted the science departments of the civil service over the past few years – the field I am in lost 80-85% of all their scientists in the past 3 or 4 years. It is very worrying and has to change – how can governments make good policy with inadequate advice? Part of the farce of all of this is that the climate deniers in the science community are a tiny minority – a couple of percent. The press feels that different opinions need to be aired so they give equal time to the two sides. Really they should host a panel with say 19 climate change scientists and 1 denier scientist to reflect the actual range of opinion. Ain’t gonna happen!

      I would be very pleased to know that my photos were providing inspiration to writers so please do use them. And thanks for asking, and for the credit. It seems disrespectful to me when people use without asking, and a lot worse when they don’t give credit.

      It’s nice to meet another one of my silent followers through the comments section!


      • I completely agree with your sentiments regarding government and the press!

        As a I writer I appreciate giving credit where credit is due for others creations. I ask whenever possible and if on the off chance I can’t find a way to ask but the owner sees it and does not want me to use it, I promptly remove.

        I will let you know when I use your works in future, thanks!


    • I totally agree Ben – I am not sure what it is going to take to see that happen though. For Canada, I fear it is going to take some profound change in the USA since we are so closely tied to their economic and political systems and values. We don’t seem to be able to just unilaterally change without huge consequences that will cost the changers their jobs and result in everything being rolled back(wards). Which I suppose means we can make smaller changes, prime the pump for bigger ones at home and promote global structural change and hope for success. Further decoupling from the US economy would be good too, though close ties to ascendant economies like China and India have equally difficult problems to navigate. Besides which they are rushing towards the concept that what is good for the super-rich is good for everybody.


      • As an American, I am waiting for our own implosion. We are less likely to make any changes, even small changes, as we seem to have moved into being a (mostly) reactionary society. So, unless something big happens that causes us to react, we will just remain complacent, plodding along as usual, while the divide grows larger and more wind up like the person in your photo. Even our so-called economy moves along without citizenry it seems. Our news tells us that the economy is slowly improving and gaining strength daily, Wall Street is booming, yet the average citizen is still struggling. If you ask a citizen, we are still in a depression, ask media or politician, we are great, just look at how well the Dow is!


      • Hi Indigo, thanks so much for dropping by and leaving a comment. I get the feeling that the environment changes that are now being felt every year will provide some impetus for change, or at least increased interest in change – let’s hope it is not too late on that front. But as you say, this too will be reactionary.


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