Beaded Benches


I was thinking black and white when I took this shot on colour film. But now I can’t decide which I like best.

The colour of the benches is really nice and pulls the eye through the photo well.

But the light in black and white is very effective. Toss up I guess.

It probably would have been a better shot with a person sitting on a bench, but they were much too wet for that.

I shot this with the Mamiya M645 on a roll of thrift-store Kodak 160VC-2 that expired in 2009.





Mamiya M645 Super, 80mm/f2.8 lens, ISO160, Kodak 160VC-2 expired June 2009.



12 thoughts on “Beaded Benches

  1. The colour version wins hands down for me. It’s a super shot. Personally I don’t feel that little triangle of light on the right edge contributes anything to the image and I would crop it out.


    • Thanks Andy. Seems that we all agree that colour is the winner here, but are divided on the triangle of light as some of my viewers like having the people in it. I think it should go, but there must be a way to have the people oblivious to nearby beauty in the shot somewhere, perhaps in the far distance.


  2. The B&W version caught my eye when I first saw it, but now I’ve seen the colour version that is the one I prefer. It’s a very appealing image. The limited colour palette pulls everything together. I tried putting my hand over the small triangle with the people contained within it and thought the image also worked very well with that bit cropped out.


    • Hi Meanderer – nice to see you around here. I was torn about keeping that triangle and did so for no particular reason other than irrational hesitation to crop my negatives. I agree with you and Andy that it would be better without.


  3. I have to vote for the color. I usually prefer black and white but in this case, the color is mostly dark/subdued except for the benches so visually it is a bit more appealing, imho. I agree with Richard’s comment, the people looking blandly off adds to this shot as well.

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    • Hi Indigo Spider – thanks for the comment. It is odd that I have a couple of votes for those people, and a couple suggesting that part of the photo is not necessary. I thought about cropping them out, but usually don’t do much cropping on shots I have taken on film. No real reason for that as I am not inhibited about other kinds of edits.


  4. I like the row of people looking blandly off, more or less in the direction of the sun, as though these benches just aren;t quite appealing enough for them!


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