Old Something New


This building is at, or just beyond, the northern edge of Victoria’s Chinatown.

I find myself testing cameras on the other side quite often, though I don’t think I have shown any shots before this.

Any side is pretty hard to get a good exposure of as it is so bright and reflective, but it is full of interesting detail.

The Olympus XA seems to nail the exposure each time. One reason it, or an XA2, lives in my coat pocket.

I find that, in some way I can’t really put words to, the metal clad building with all its lines goes well with the old brick, and all its lines.



Olympus XA, f2.8/35mm lens, Ilford Delta 400 Pro, scanned with Epson V700, exposure info not recorded.



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14 thoughts on “Old Something New

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  5. I always like the contrast in textures between the metal and brick buildings, and this one is especially nice because there is also a contrast between the vertical lines of the metal building and the horizontal ones of the brick structure.


      • Yes, it seems to be a modern statement kind of material around here. Quite what the statement is, I am still wondering since there was so little of it in an industrial or other context in these parts that the message is kind of lost around here. Or diluted by the rain.


      • You can document the emergence of it in the Greater Victoria Area. And then, later (but probably not much later), you can also document its decline. The statement probably is, “Well, we saw this in an architectural magazine and thought we should do it, too.”


      • Architecture (or fashion in general) is quite provincial in this area – much of what I am seeing built these days looks an awful lot like what I saw going up in London in the late 80s. If I was watching the London scene and new the exact delay in transmittal, I could probably predict to a few months when the decline would occur here.


    • Hi Mike – the building is kind of jammed in amongst the old ones, though on the other side it is surrounded by parking lots or vacant areas, so is more open. I like the contrasts in this instance.


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