Maurizio and Massimo



Maurizio and Massimo are the owners of the Italian Deli and Macchiato Caffe & Paninoteca coffee shop locations in Victoria. I have been a customer of the Italian Deli since the dark ages of food quality and variety in Victoria when it was one of very few places selling great food in a European style. I was a teenager then and I suppose Maurizio and Massimo were children – their parents founded the business and ran it until maybe 10 years ago or so. So, I have ‘known’ these guys since they really young helping out in the store – even so, I don’t know which name goes with which brother. 

I came across them in another part of town a few weeks ago and chatted for a while. I thought they were on a break, but it turns out that they own this business too, one of two coffee shops that are much more recent than the deli business. They said I could take their picture, and that I could post it here – thanks guys!

If you are in Victoria looking for high quality Italian food ingredients, a terrific fresh sandwich at lunchtime, an Italian salad, or excellent pasta, then drop by the Italian Deli in Blanshard Street. If you are more interested in a great coffee and snack, then check out their coffee shops.



Mamiya M645 Super, 80mm/f2.8 lens, ISO400, Ilford Delta 400 Pro.



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5 thoughts on “Maurizio and Massimo

    • I totally agree. There was a time when they were in short supply around here, but no longer. They must be good businessmen to have survived and expanded in the face of a huge growth in competition the last 15 or 20 years.


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