House Underway




This is a continuation of earlier posts (Please Leave the Storm Drain Behind and Moving House) which show this barge tucked in beside one of my favourite subjects, the Ross Bay storm drain. The storm drain is hidden by high tide but the waves break over it in an uneven way revealing the location. Here are the final shots in the process of moving this house as the barge is released and pulled off shore and heads off towards the new foundations for the house on Orcas Island in the USA.










Technical Details: Canon EOS 5Dmkii, Canon 16-35mm/f2.8 lens a 16mm/f2.8, ISO640, edited in Lightroom and Photomatix, +/- 2.0 E.V.



5 thoughts on “House Underway

  1. Fascinating! And rather a surprise/shock to see how close the barge is to the storm drain….yikes! I went back to look at the other related posts you have done. I had no idea houses were moved from Victoria this frequently, or that some went to Washington State – I can’t help but wonder at what sort of export/import complications and customs duties that might entail!


    • Hi Laurie – I was surprised at how close they had brought it – there was a real constraint in terms of railings and the way that Dallas Road rises in this area. They took out the railings in order to build a ramp at this location that was fairly flat, though I missed that part.
      I spend quite a bit of time on the San Juans and you often hear of such and such a house that came from Victoria. And I understand a lot of have gone to the Gulf Islands as well. One of the guys working on this operation said they have to stop and go through customs before unloading the barge. I wonder if there are import duties and so on, perhaps there is a category for “mobile home” or “manufactured home” as they are now called. Nickel Bros does a lot of this so they probably have it down to a smooth operation.


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