Six and Scanning

This is the companion post to today’s earlier burntembers post. It includes colour versions of images that appear today in black and white, or will appear in coming days in black and white in this blog. The text concentrates on using different scanning software.


52 rolls

2015-XA2-002-Silverfast-(6) Silverfast Scan

2015-XA2-002-EpsonScan-006 Epson Scan

Week six’s photographs are taken with an Olympus XA2, a camera that lives in my pocket. The film is expired Fuji Superia X-TRA 400, probably stored indifferently and most likely dating to about 2004. The back popped open about half way through the roll, damaging a number of shots. This camera had been a trial to light seal – it ended up needed double seals at the door hinge which makes the door a bit tight to close, and I guess the latch did not fully catch this time. I have run quite a few rolls through the camera (see here for posts with this camera) and this has never happened before. I will be more attentive to the catch click when loading the film in the future.

This post shows some experiments with scanning software – if you have a solution for any problem…

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