Sunny Side Out


This building was catching the sun on one of the few nice days of the past two or three weeks.

My last shot on my first ever roll of Ilford XP2 was taken here and I walked away for a couple of blocks, but then decided to load an expired roll of Fuji colour film and go back.

For colour versions of several of these shots, done under different scanning protocols, see my simultaneously published post at where this is featured as my roll six.

However, the roll of XP2 that has been featured here this week is also, in part, a week/roll 6 product. The last image on this post is the last from that roll and was truncated by the camera into a square format – the right edge was ragged and has been cropped away.









Ilford XP2

Ilford XP2 – end of roll truncated in camera

Olympus XA2, f3.5/35mm lens, Fuji Superia X-Tra 400 expired ca 2004, scanned with Epson V700, converted in Lightroom.

Last image is new Ilford XP2 shot at ISO100, scanned with Epson V700.




2 thoughts on “Sunny Side Out

  1. The first photograph is a favourite of mine. It shows height and space in a powerful way. The exciting angles, composition, and contrast help evoke that feeling of “big” as well. The old saying “less is more” definitely pertains to this image .


    • Thanks Joseph. I think the photo exaggerates the height and space to a considerable degree. I don’t ever have the sense when walking along this part of Wharf Street that there is a building looming like this. But I like that about it. I am pleased you like that first one the best – it is my favourite too.

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