Fernwood Whitehouse

Fernwood whitehouse 2

More from Fernwood while waiting for pie to be made ready at  Patisserie Daniel, this time a couple of blocks away on Mason Street.

It took me several tries to get these images processed to my satisfaction. The difficulty lay the turquoise trim and pastel green door – I was a bit infatuated with the colour and was trying to get it right along with the patterns. Finally, when I threw out the colour I could get the ad hoc and rickety railings the way I wanted them.

Fernwood whitehouse 3


Fernwood whitehouse 1



Fernwood whitehouse 4


Canon EOS 5Dii, Canon 50mm/f1.4 lens, ISO100,  +/- 2.0 E.V.



6 thoughts on “Fernwood Whitehouse

    • Thanks Laurie – this is a few blocks away on the other side of Cook St, but it has much the same feel as the core of the Fernwood area. The first place I lived when I moved out from home was upstairs in a house a bit like this a few blocks from here as well. And now my daughter and her family live in Fernwood in one of these old houses too.


    • Thank you Ken. Fence? is a good way of phrasing it – there is not much fence left in places. The deck railing and the fence do compliment each other nicely and without a lot of effort could be brought forward away from the background – the lighting was just right for that – bright but not glaring.


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