Yellow Parking

Wellburn's Parking

Another shot in the Fernwood area while I was waiting for the bakery to get a pie ready for me.

This is the parking area behind Wellburn’s Food Market which has been in business since 1914. I am not sure if the building was constructed earlier.


Canon EOS 5Dii, Canon EF 50mm/f1.4 lens, ISO100, ~f-5, 1/125th, +/- 2.0 E.V.



16 thoughts on “Yellow Parking

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    • Thank you Karen! It really catches the eye due to its size, and not being painted on the asphalt which is a nice change. The whole side of the building is black with a very large yellow painted sign for the store and yellow words about free parking and yellow bollards protecting gas metres and the like. My picture of the whole building did not work out well enough to include here.


  2. I’m wondering about your thought process to leave that slice of pale contrasting brick work in the frame. So many of us would have cropped it out. But actually to my mind it really completes the image – a strange statement because you would think it would compete for interest, but it doesn’t. It adds something. Well done!


    • Hi Andy, the simple answer, I guess, is that it just felt/looked right – there was embarrassingly little thought involved. The main thing I was conscious of was to find the right balance in the asymmetry (does that make sense?) such that the yellow symbol was not overly centred.
      This is framed almost exactly as shot, though I did have to straighten the image a tiny bit, and in that process cropped a little sliver off the left side which was also of benefit because it was too brightly lit for this image. Only after I uploaded it did I notice a remaining sliver of light where I could have added a mm or two of cropping to the straightening.


      • I think you got the balance just right. And when we have a well developed ‘Seeing eye’ like you have, I think very often very little thought is required – we just know when something looks right


      • Thank you Andy. I hope I can attribute it to some kind of aptitude because I sometimes wonder how I get away with taking pictures at all, for the effort involved.


      • Looking at it again, I don’t think it would work if the white tiles extended to the ground as a white stripe from top to bottom. There is something about the break in that line, and its location, that makes it work.


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