Breezeblock Gallery

Block gallery 2

This is across the parking lot from the Yellow Parking post of a few days ago. At first I thought it was unsanctioned graffiti, but these are murals, placed on three walls of a concrete building which squats a bit like a bunker in the parking lot. I think that the Yellow Parking painting holds it’s own with these works.

I had already settled on my post title when I looked up Gallery 1580, and found it also called Cinderblock Gallery, so I must be on the right track. Turns out that there is a really nice set of images on Flickr of the painting of this mural – lots of good detail shots.

Technically, I think these are not really breezeblocks nor cinderblocks which are something different, but Concrete Masonry Units. That would be splitting a building contractor’s hair though and I expect the guys with the paint cans don’t see any difference between a CMU and a <insert favourite name>block, let alone a stretched canvas.

Block Gallery 2


Canon EOS 5Dii, Canon 50mm/f1.4 lens, ISO100,  +/- 2.0 E.V.



8 thoughts on “Breezeblock Gallery

    • I agree Ken – if you look at the flickr link it shows a lot of details and the work being made as well. I think there are a lot of artists involved. A nice idea to showcase the best taggers on their own exhibit, outdoors on concrete blocks where it should be.


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