Vic-West Facelift



This building was catching the light in a way that made me turn around and drive back to see about a picture.

In the end I had to just hold the camera above the fence and my head hoping for good framing.

I like the graduated grey blinds on the outside of the windows, and the yellow is a nice touch.

Vic-West is getting a major face-lift with the old industrial lands sporting more and more new buildings.




Olympus XA2, f3.5/35mm lens, Kodak 400 expired early 1990s, shot at ISO 200, scanned with Epson V700




4 thoughts on “Vic-West Facelift

    • Hi Gary – thanks. The light was terrific, I had to come back for the shot. Glad that I did too. I expect this point of view to disappear behind another building pretty soon.


  1. sunlit building rising up from desolate landscape against storm clouds background makes the point well in the top photo – a message of regeneration.


    • Thanks Val. The ground in front has a lot of pipes in it – I suspect bioremediation of petrochemicals. It is all transforming in that neighbourhood.


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