By posting this image I am trying to discover its merit. I have this feeling that I like it, but why?

I don’t expect you to answer – the answer is likely to come by seeing it around on my blog for a few days.

Or perhaps it won’t.



This photo is part of my thirteenth roll at the 52Rolls Project.

Mamiya M645 Super, 80mm/f2.8 lens, ISO400, Kodak Portra 400.




5 thoughts on “W

    • It kind of looks that way in the photo, but the business seems to be quite active. The pallets are quite high, maybe 6 feet or so (I wanted that orange bit in the photo and had to cut them off). Perhaps they are not using that loading bay right now. I guess there is more of a story, which I had not thought about after my first glance and decision to make a photo.


      • In fact, the wear on the door looks as if they routinely stack pallets in front of it. It must be a place to keep them till they are shipped away.


    • Hi feralc4t – thanks for stopping by and commenting. There is a bit of a story. I don’t mind grim stories, but I like them to be more than a couple of sentences long and I struggle to find much more than a few words in this one. Which is probably the problem with the photo. Now, if a street person were sleeping on top of the pallets, there might be more to it.


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