The excellent local band Carmanah also played the charity event that I have been showing (here, here and here). I had not heard them live before, though am familiar with their music. It was a real pleasure to see them, and they were fun to photograph too. You can find out more about Carmanah from their website (here) and their Facebook page (here).

I was particularly taken by the guitars made from a tin can and a cigar box. That was a bit of a theme of the evening with various modified or made up instruments, including the slide guitar in the Sam Weber band. I find it all quite familiar – there is an analogue and slightly random-outcome aesthetic that is closely related to the lomography approach to photography, or even to shooting with film. There can be unexpected and yet beautiful results, and hard to control and yet beautiful other aspects. Lovely tones in both cases; aural grain if you will.

As with other bands, there was a bit of mixing – in this case Sam Weber joined Carmanah on guitar for one song.















Click on any image below to open the gallery for larger sizes.




Canon 5Dii at ISO ISO3200 and 6400 for this set – see gallery for EXIF data. Lenses: Canon EF USM 50/1.4, 100/2.8 macro and 16-35/2.8 lenses. Metering determined with Sekonic L-508 spot meter on most brightly lit skin, then manual exposure settings used with minor adjustments as moved between different areas of the stage. High ISO settings and only mild post-production edits resulted in softer focus for many shots.




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