Sweet Dreams

My only post today will be this reblog of my week 15 post at 52Rolls.net. It features a roll of expired film that I double exposed over images made perhaps 15 years earlier. The film is in terrible condition, but some of the images are very interesting. Head over there and have a look!

52 rolls


Week fifteen has produced serendipitous collages of the old and new; double exposures of recent images superimposed on a roll of expired and essentially dead film that was partly exposed a long time ago. In the image above I love how the kids clothes drain off down the lines of the branches of trees I shot in the cemetery, as well as the way it is divided up. To my eye, it is an exceptional image, even if unintended. I guess it fits into the current thing some people do of shooting a roll of film and sending it someone else to shoot again, but this time there is probably a 15 year gap.

A year or two ago I bought a bag of unexposed film, both 120 and 135, in a thrift store and have been slowly using it up. Some of the film has been a bit stale and produced…

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6 thoughts on “Sweet Dreams

    • Thanks Val. I feel that way about it too. And even more so because of the resemblence of that kid to my own son. And because it is overlaid with a cemetery shot, and ghostly in its own right.


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