Gonzales Pinholes

2015-Pinhole100c-Pack2-April-Pos-09 SmallSpotted

f-327, 30 seconds, pulled through, but did not peel for 25 minutes, black smudge on horizon is passing container ship

Today is Worldwide Pinhole Day so I took a bit of time this morning with my pinhole camera to take a few shots at Gonzales Beach near my home. Earlier today I posted as part of the 52 rolls project some other shots from this same pack of film taken a few days ago at Point No Point which is 70km by road west of my house in Victoria.

Things went much more smoothly than they have in the past with this camera. However, it was chilly (8.5°C) and this, probably combined with my technique, meant that the chemistry did not quite distribute to the far edge (left side) of the image and thus each shot has a blemish along that edge.

I am finding the Fuji colour instant film (Fujifilm FP-100C ) a lot easier to work with than the black and white (FP-3000B). I think that is because there is no messing about with ND filters. I have figured out all the filter related light leaks but not done further tests, so perhaps the black and white will be easier to work with now as well.

I don’t have time for a few days to extract the negatives, but will do so when I am back from a work trip to Haida Gwaii. It will be really interesting to see how they come out.

2015-Pinhole100c-Pack2-April-Pos-06 SmallSpotted

f327, 15 seconds, 2min 45sec developing time

2015-Pinhole100c-Pack2-April-Pos-05 SmallSpotted

f327, 15 seconds, 2min 45sec developing time

2015-Pinhole100c-Pack2-April-Pos-07 SmallSpotted

f327, 30 seconds, 2min 45sec developing time, people in photo were doing tai chi exercises in one place

2015-Pinhole100c-Pack2-April-Pos-08 SmallSpotted

f327, 30 seconds, 2min 45sec developing time, 3 people and 3 dogs hung out in during this shot – one of them was cold and standing very still

I submitted the top image to the worldwide pinhole day website gallery, and once reviewed and accepted will be visible at this link.

2 thoughts on “Gonzales Pinholes

    • Thanks Jane! Instant film behaves a bit strangely with long exposures, so it is an exploration each time I take pinhole photos with this camera. Fun though – it is really back to the basics.

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