Hierographs Beside the River Jordan

Writing on the wall

Another in my collaboration with Melinda Green Harvey, this time from Jordan River just west of Victoria. Her photo is above, mine is below. Melinda’s co-post can be found here and as it is her turn to do the writing this is what she says:

“As you might have noticed from my blog, I do like to find a nice, abandoned place to photograph. And Ehpem came through as a great photographic-tour guide – we found an excellent abandoned house and spent quite a long time inside making photos. (Kudos to Ehpem’s wonderful and patient spouse for waiting for us!). There was much to be seen, and photographed, in the place, and we tried to be diligent about capturing it all. The house had the look of some deliberate dismantling, but the more recent changes seemed to be more along the lines of nature reclaiming what once was hers.

“There were several places where the walls were down to brown paper that had some very artistic things happening (don’t worry: we got plenty of shots of that!). But we also spotted a couple of places where a long-ago carpenter had made notes right there on the wall. It was an excellent find.”



For other posts in this collaboration click on this link.

My photo – Canon 5Dii, Canon 16-38/2.8 lens @ 35mm

Melinda photo – Nikon D7000, 28/1.8 lens






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