Shade Shadow



The wooden blinds in this room were casting shadows upwards.

The house was not flying, and there is not a water pool out the window, so this was a bit unexpected.

I am in the field until mid-September, sometimes off grid but usually will be able to respond to comments and so on.

So, keep the comments coming!



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11 thoughts on “Shade Shadow

    • Thanks Mike. It was my wife who spotted it and called me over to have a look. Textured walls a great things in the right light, so much more interesting than smooth wall board and plaster. But uncomfortable to rub skin against.


      • Well yes, it could graze if you didn’t take care. On a different note, I’ve just had a huge revelation – all this time I’ve been following your work, without knowing any better, I had formed the impression that you were female. That’s quite something!


      • Mike, you are not the only one and I quite like that. I usually say “partner” than wife, and think it is much preferred if my photos are not emanating with one gender or another.


      • I think it’s because your biographical information is quite ambivalent. Your photographs and general presence filled the space in my mind with a female… how very interesting!


      • In real life I am unmistakably male 🙂 But it is nice to get that out of the way with my photographs. Thanks for the comment, it is nice to hear these things.


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