Vinyl Siding III


Last year I had a couple of blog posts (here and here) showing the vinyl records that have been used as siding on part of the Heriot Bay Inn on Quadra Island.

I could not resist another shot, this time with the phone.



I am off for several weeks of field research. Which means this blog will slow to a crawl as I won’t have much time for it.

There will be answers to comments, but they might be slow in coming. Please comment anyway if you feel moved to it.





Samsung S4

9 thoughts on “Vinyl Siding III

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    • I think most people have a lot of stuff on their music shelves (and hard drives) that they don’t feel all that friendly towards. But I do agree that records in good condition should not be vandalised like this but rather they should be set released into the wild via thrift stores and so on. Ironically this part of the building is the bit that the musicians hang out in – it contains their entrance to the bar, etc.

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  2. Hi Mr E. I keep thinking I’d like to get creative with old family vinyl but personal circumstances mitigate against it. The best I can do at the mo, is use singles and 78s as place mats and coasters. Enjoy your field trip! Kate


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