Dark Art II


Another photo from a limestone cave on Quadra Island from this past summer’s fieldwork.

I left the LED colouration as there was a natural bluish colour in the cave and this just enhances the natural colour.

And makes it more abstract.




I am off to Portland for a few days and thus will be slow answering comment, but will certainly do so when I can.



Canon PowerShot D30, 5-25mm f3.9-4.8



6 thoughts on “Dark Art II

  1. very other worldly….makes me want to run my hands over it….which of course I know would be verboten! Great photo. Thank you for showing me things I will never see in person.


    • Well spotted qmackie! I believe it is a spider, there was a bit of light in this area which was at the intersection of two openings. Here is a close up, as best as I can get with this rather limited camera.
      closeup lower left corner


      • Good questions. I was thinking the leftward appendage was the same as the jointed rightward one, which I am sure is a leg. But surely they act as sensory organs as well as limbs. Something tells me that there has been very little work done on these creatures.

        I wonder what elevations karst survives to, and thus how long the environment has been present in the area. This one was about 115m, an elevation where the land forms emerged above sea level around 13,000 years ago. Not sure if that is long enough for speciation to occur, but there should be some noticeable genetic differences. Someone should study them, lots of karst on Quadra!


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