Beware of the Log

Old clean beachs - no logs

Looks like the muralist got it right.

There were no logs on this beach when there was a Klallam village beside it, let along dangerous beach logs.

Nor where logs tolerated by the more recent Utopian religious community.

On our way to Portland we stayed the night in Port Angeles, but not on the beach.

This roll of film had shots from Port Angeles on our way south, and from our return a few days later.

In between were shots of Portland which are in my post today at called Newspace Center for Photography, here.

Birds forbidden - Port Angeles waterfront


Watch tower

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Olympus mjuii (Stylus Epic), Kodak TMY 400 commercially processed and scanned


2 thoughts on “Beware of the Log

  1. ahhhh dangerous logs eh? Made me smile….had a mental picture of these menacing logs advancing on unsuspecting campers and beach goers.
    Sounds rather like an old Saturday Night Live sketch!


    • Hi Sherry. It made us smile too. Biting logs are indeed scary things. Monty Python could have done a lot with this too. You have to wonder what someone was thinking, what kind of sneaky little smile they were wearing, when they designed this sign (we saw three of them in that area).


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