Ross Bay Villa Doubled


Double exposed film pictures from my summer backlog, this time from mid-July when I was actually in town for a few days. These shots are from a roll of film that is featured on my project in a post title Mayne and Miscellany that is posted at the same time as this at this link.

I was experimenting with intentional double exposures, a feature that the Canon Elan 7N allows – you can set it to automatically shoot multiple exposures, up to 9 (why?) exposures on a single frame. You have to reset the feature each time you want multiple exposures which is a nuisance if shooting a whole bunch of them, but a pretty good safety feature I suppose.

By and large these are fails – there are many things I need to learn about what to layer on a single image, and about exposure. For most of these I set the exposure values at half those metered – I can’t recall if I halved the ISO setting, or changed the exposure values manually.

More Laundry and Person





 To open a large view of any image in the gallery below, click on it and navigate with the arrows to the others


Canon Elan 7N, Canon 50mm/f1.4 lens, expired Fuji Superia X-TRA 400, shot at ISO 200.


4 thoughts on “Ross Bay Villa Doubled

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  2. Even if you think of these has failures, there is enough interest here to keep experimenting. If I could see the images and leave a comment at the same time, I would tell you which one I liked the best! iPads are great but sometimes a bit annoying.


    • Hi Kate – I think you can, somehow, view the site through a browser rather than the WP mobile app which limitations for sure. Then if you are in the gallery, you can leave individual comments. I thought it might be interesting to have laundry over the face of a textiles expert, but that did not work too well. I like the first shot quite a lot – the barrel and flowers. The rest less so, except the gingko against stucco which has subtleties worth exploring in the future.

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