With, and Without


Soon to come around again

Pacing as if caged




Samsung S4, 31mm (equivalent 35mm focal length), ISO50, f2.2, 1/130th.




7 thoughts on “With, and Without

    • I have been realising that might be the case. Funny and unexpected that a Texan would relate so well to a Canadian songwriter. Especially a left wing sh*t disturber 🙂 Good thing though, since you keep on pointing me to songs of his that I don’t know well. I listened to this one and then it looped into a long interview with three more songs. Nice to listen to how he thinks, and his self effacing ways. I don’t think the guy in this photo was very humble, but that is just a gut feeling obtained from a vertiginous height, which was making my gut unreliable.


      • I’ve only seen him once, in about 1973, in a grubby little room at the university. We were told to bring cushions as we were sitting on the floor. Very intimate, a good venue for his kind of music, and for someone that is shy of his audience. Don’t remember much about the music though, too long ago.


      • He alludes to it in some of the interviews that your comments have set me listening to. Strange that a performer would have such difficulty with an audience.


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