Green and White II

Here is the rest of today’s roll of film posted at This one has shots from the Cowichan Valley, around Victoria and especially Ross Bay.

The other half of this roll was posted earlier today on Burntembers here:

52 rolls

2015-OlyMJUii-014-004Today’s post has shots taken on an Olympus mjuii (aka Stylus Epic) that has lived in my pocket all fall – these photographs date from early November through to a mid-December. I have taken other photos with other cameras film and digital during that time but there are some subjects and occasions when the mjuii is my preference.

This is my week 49 I am once again working with a roll of Ilford XP2 that expired in about 2004. My week 19 used a roll of this same batch of film that came in a camera case I bought. Both rolls have profound shifts in their colour to a bright green and grey negative. I previously posted a scan showing the negative colour here. The first roll posted in Green and White was quite easy to scan and convert to black and white images. This second is the most…

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3 thoughts on “Green and White II

    • Thank you Andy. It worked out well, just not what I am used to from XP2. I have learned of late that it is a much riskier film when expired than most, so will buy with more caution in the future. I have a fair amount of 120 film on which the paper backing markings may, or may not, have bled through onto the first half of the negatives. Will have to use thoughtfully 🙂
      I hope you and your family have a very nice Christmas in your new house – I expect it might feel a bit odd the first time but also the beginning of a new setting for Christmas memories


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