Winter Solstice Party

From the 52 Rolls project, here is the rest of my 52nd roll for 2015. These are the solstice party shots missing from my post ( of earlier today that has the rest of this roll of film.

52 rolls


Every year for a couple of decades now we have gone to a friend’s house for her winter solstice party. The whole place is lit only with candles.

I had an Olympus XA2 in my coat pocket loaded with a no-name 400 speed film, probably from Kodak. I decided I might as well try to get some shots.

I had forgotten that the XA2’s minimum shutter speed is 2 seconds (I had confused it with the 10 seconds for the XA), so quite a few were underexposed. The noise of the party meant I could not really hear the shutter even though the camera was hand-held. The picture above was half exposed when I moved the camera, thinking the exposure was complete and caught some candle light.

The piano shot below is one that could have done with a few more f-stops of light beyond what the camera is capable…

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