Not Solstice Shots


This roll is from an Olympus XA2 that has been in my pocket for a couple of weeks. Included here are a couple of pubs, a coffee shop and parts of a trip a few hundred kilometers north to visit my daughter and her family. Click through to see 14 more photos.

The rest of this roll can be found at Winter Solstice Party as part of my 52 Rolls project – that is where the solstice photos can be found.



Click on any image below to launch larger versions in the gallery view, navigate with the arrows in the gallery.



Olympus XA2, ISO400, expired no-name re-branded film, possibly Kodak, commercially processed and scanned.




3 thoughts on “Not Solstice Shots

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    • Hi Valerie. This is at The Alders, a resort at the end of the road that she lives on, down on the beach. We stayed overnight in this cabin as there were space issues at our daughter’s place.


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