Happy Anniversary




Today’s photos are portraits of my parents taken at their place last November. Today they have been married for 61 years which I find hard to comprehend, even though I have been married 30 years.

Today’s post at 52 Rolls, GW690 Woes, the first in my 2016 roll/week project, shows some others from this and another roll of film – some worked out fine and some did not due to camera failure!

One lesson I am learning as I use this camera is that it is fantastic for portraits but the depth of field is extremely shallow at f3.5 and shooting moving people in lower light just does not work. For that reason I took a roll of 3200 ISO film on my second visit to my parents house for a Christmas meal. Good thing I did because the light was much lower, and I still ended up working with f3.5 for most shots, with longish handheld exposures too. You can see those shots at GW690 Woes as well.




Fujica GW690, 90/3.5 lens, Ilford XP2 400 shot at 320 ISO, exp 4/2000, developed commercially, scanned with Epson V700

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